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Dr. Ammon's practice is focused on restoring patient's ability to move and function through their daily activities with comfort and ease. This is accomplished by using a combination of chiropractic treatment, muscle therapy, and exercises.A major key to being healthy is maintaining flexibility in body motion throughout our daily activities. At every age when we lose muscle and joint flexibility, body tension increases, joints and muscles become irritated resulting in body aches, pain, and stiffness.

So how do we get stiff? Many injuries are small (microscopic even) from the physical stress of repetitive movement and poor posture we perform with every day activities. Example: poor posture, heavy backpacks, hours working on the computer (laptops especially), the list goes on and on. Then there are injuries minor and major, sprains and strains from sports, car accidents, household activities, etc.

All injuries big and small add up over time to the point where we can’t be as active as we used to be or if we are, we suffer increased pain and/or stiffness as a result. Occasionally we can have an injury or flare-up of pain when doing a seemingly small physical activity. All injuries create irritation and our body reacts with inflammation (swelling). This is followed by fibrous tissue formation which is part of the healing process. This results in small adhesions forming scar tissue which eventually limits flexibility with normal body motion associated with daily activities creating pain and stiffness.

Dr. Ammon's care is focused on core strengthening and spinal stability designed in accordance with each patient's individual daily activities and body stresses.




Words from our patients

"I first encountered Dr. Ammon when my back first locked up and I couldn’t bend or move without pain. My M.D. only gave me pills. When I left Dr. Ammon’s office I walked out moving and my pain was GREATLY reduced. Since then, my back has continued to be movable with a low level of pain. The workout Dr. Ammon gave me is extremely helpful. My regular visits always help my back and neck keep working and without his help, I could not work!!! The ladies at his office, Tia and Nancy, are always efficient, helpful, sincere and sensitive to all my concerns. I have always and will continue to recommend Dr. Ammon and his office to all whom need chiropractic help."

-Cliff Woodward

“I began seeing Dr. Ammon for a lingering injury from a car accident, and was making little progress toward healing. I continued seeing Dr. Ammon for various ailments that I have developed over the last two years. My initial injury was noticeably better even after my first appointment, and healed very quickly. Dr. Ammon takes time to listen to whatever discomfort I am feeling and to show me exercises and stretches I can do at home to enhance the treatment I receive in the office. I am very glad to have found Dr. Ammon, as he has helped me tremendously with all my aches and pains! I would definitely recommend Dr. Ammon to my family and friends, as I already have.”

-Brittany Kyle

“A friend recommended Dr. Ammon to me when I was in an automobile accident over ten years ago. Since then I have in turn recommended Dr. Ammon to my parents, sibling, co-workers, and friends; all three of my children have also been treated by him. I appreciate that Dr. Ammon focuses on solving the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. My family thinks of Dr. Ammon as our General Practitioner; we often see him before we go to Kaiser.”

-Karen Lau

“We moved to Livermore and I put my back out from the move. The adjustments provided instant relief and his tips for stretching really helped maintain the adjustment. I visit Dr. Ammon monthly to keep everything in alignment. Yes, I would recommend Dr. Ammon to my family and friends!! Dr. Ammon even gave me his cell number in case of a weekend issue!”

-Julie Wolfe

"I came to Dr. Ammon or help with my plantar fasciitis. As an athlete, I knew it was time for me to address my chronic foot pain. Dr. Ammon discussed my problem and we worked together to establish a recovery plan. Through Dr. Ammon's therapy and my use of proper footwear, I'm happy to say that I'm 90% healed and ready to race this season. I would highly recommend Dr. Ammon to all of my friends, family, and co-workers. I couldn't be happier with my results!"

-Clancy Statz


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