Dr. Ammon and his staff strive to treat every patient as the individual that they are. Meaning, no two people have the same condition and there is no cookie cutter program of care that applies to all patients. In order to get the result for each patient it requires that you understand their individual stresses and challenges they face in their daily activities. By learning each patient’s unique activities and stresses you can help find ways to counteract these stresses in order to achieve a higher state of health and function.

The staff at the front desk get to know the patients on a personal basis so that they know they are not just a patient file or number. We believe it’s important that patients know they are cared for as soon as they walk in the door.

Our patients are given individual appointment times in order to provide the time they individually need with Dr Ammon. No assembly line treatment and no 30 plus minutes waiting to see the doctor. We all have busy lives and we all deserve to get the level of care that helps us live more healthy and strong with flexibility, strength and endurance.