Dr. Ammon utilizes several forms of therapy to address each patient’s individual needs for improving their health.

Chiropractic Adjustments

At the center of Dr Ammon’s treatment is the chiropractic adjustment, the proper alignment of body joints, both spinal joints and/or extremity joints (joints of the arms and legs).  Simply stated, joints can lose their natural and proper alignment through the stresses of normal daily activities (any combination of injuries small or large).  The chiropractic adjustment is designed to restore this alignment in order for the body to function with ease of motion throughout the daily demands we place upon it.  There are a variety of effective ways to restore joint alignments depending on the patient’s individual needs.

Active Therapeutic Massage

This is not your relaxing spa massage.  Dr. Ammon’s muscle therapy is an active therapeutic massage employing light and deep pressure to restore the function of muscle/joint motion.  Often Dr. Ammon utilizes deep tissue active therapeutic massage, that breaks down adhesions in the muscles helping to restore elasticity.  Often through injury, repetitive stress, poor posture, or just years of repeating the same body movements muscles can become more like ropes than rubber bands like they should be.  Active therapeutic massage helps to reduce adhesions and restore elasticity to muscle movements.

Stretching and Core Exercises

Simply put if you lose flexibility your daily body movements become more stressful.  If you lose core strength your body movements become physically more challenging and you lose strength and endurance.  This is very common and although we use our bodies all day most people never think of giving their bodies the most basic exercise just to get through their day.  We learned to brush and floss our teeth to keep them healthy but we were not taught how to keep our muscles and joints healthy, even though they are used far more than we think each and every day.

Active Therapeutic Movement

This is a specialized exercise to correct restricted/impaired muscle-joint movement.  When a body movement is painful, the CNS (central nervous system/brain and nerves) creates an alternative or compensating motion in order to work around pain and aggravation to the body.  The end result is altered function and movement during daily activities.  The longer this continues, the more the nervous system adapts to and establishes the altered movement as a permanent dysfunctional pattern of body motion.
According to the ATM concept, this type of exercise is designed to reposition and secure areas of the body in order to transition a painful movement into a pain-free movement.  During the exercise, which takes 5-7 minutes, the CNS is reprogramming from the painful dysfunctional pattern to a normal pain-free functional pattern.  This allows the CNS to memorize the pain-free movement.  The outcome is a significant reduction in pain and improved range of movement.

Dr. Ammon has found this to be most useful with pain and restrictions of the lower/middle back and shoulder.  The ATM exercises are also very helpful in improving poor posture and increasing body rotation for sports performance (e.g. golf, tennis, baseball/softball).