“I first encountered Dr. Ammon when my back first locked up and I couldn’t bend or move without pain.  My M.D. only gave me pills.  When I left Dr. Ammon’s office I walked out moving and my pain was GREATLY reduced. Since then, my back has continued to be movable with a low level of pain.  The workout Dr. Ammon gave me is extremely helpful.  My regular visits always help my back and neck keep working and without his help, I could not work!!!  The ladies at his office, Tia and Nancy, are always efficient, helpful, sincere and sensitive to all my concerns.  I have always and will continue to recommend Dr. Ammon and his office to all whom need chiropractic help.”

-Cliff Woodward

“I began seeing Dr. Ammon for a lingering injury from a car accident, and was making little progress toward healing.  I continued seeing Dr. Ammon for various ailments that I have developed over the last two years.  My initial injury was noticeably better even after my first appointment, and healed very quickly.  Dr. Ammon takes time to listen to whatever discomfort I am feeling and to show me exercises and stretches I can do at home to enhance the treatment I receive in the office.  I am very glad to have found Dr. Ammon, as he has helped me tremendously with all my aches and pains!  I would definitely recommend Dr. Ammon to my family and friends, as I already have.”

-Brittany Kyle

“A friend recommended Dr. Ammon to me when I was in an automobile accident over ten years ago.  Since then I have in turn recommended Dr. Ammon to my parents, sibling, co-workers, and friends; all three of my children have also been treated by him.  I appreciate that Dr. Ammon focuses on solving the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.  My family thinks of Dr. Ammon as our General Practitioner; we often see him before we go to Kaiser.”

-Karen Lau

“I have been Dr. Ammon’s patient since 2007 when my personal trainer suggested I see a chiropractor in an effort to treat complications from knee surgery.  Since I had never been to a chiropractor but had heard numerous horror stories, I was extremely skeptical and apprehensive.  I waited 2 months before asking my friend for a referral and picking up the phone to make an appointment.  Lucky for me, it was Dr. Ammon! Following a thorough evaluation, he came up with a plan and told me right away that if treatment wasn’t working in a short period of time, he would tell me and not keep scheduling unnecessary appointments.  I knew from the first visit that Dr. Ammon is a true professional, a man of integrity.”

“Dr. Ammon is interested in one’s total wellness and healing the body naturally, suggesting ways to accomplish that goal.  He thinks outside the box tailoring treatment to individual needs, not relying on what a textbook recommends.  Dr. Ammon always takes time to listen.  He has a great sense of humor while being compassionate, caring, friendly, positive, knowledgeable and skillful.  I am always amazed that he can pinpoint and diagnose problem areas so quickly.  He makes himself available for emergencies even on a day the office is closed, so one doesn’t have to suffer needlessly.  I always appreciate Dr. Ammon’s easy to understand explanations of what he is doing as well as what he suggests I do at home, including demonstrating exercises and stretches!”

“Dr. Ammon is the “cream of the crop” who has helped me to have a better quality of life during my “golden years”.  Even though surgery complications slow me down, I feel and function better thanks to Dr. Ammon’s quality care.  So schedule an appointment; you won’t be disappointed.”

-Bobbie S.

“We moved to Livermore and I put my back out from the move.  The adjustments provided instant relief and his tips for stretching really helped maintain the adjustment.  I visit Dr. Ammon monthly to keep everything in alignment.  Yes, I would recommend Dr. Ammon to my family and friends!! Dr. Ammon even gave me his cell number in case of a weekend issue!”

-Julie Wolfe

“I began seeing Dr. Ammon 15 years ago for daily headaches and numbness down my arm that my general MD couldn’t diagnose.  I happened to see a sign at his old office that said ‘Headaches? We can help’.  So what the heck, I went in to see what it was all about.  Dr. Ammon took some x-rays and tells me my job is doing this to me.  I sit at a desk in front of a computer all day, hunched over a keyboard, stressed out from projects and deadlines.  We started an intense schedule of adjustments along with some muscle work, tapering off as the muscle memory started to ease up. Dr. Ammon gave me stretches specific to my areas of need to aide in my recovery.  Stretches I still do to this day to keep my discomfort at bay.  Six months or so later, my daily headaches are a thing of the past, the numbness subsided and my shoulders are not level with my ears anymore! Now I am not saying I don’t have issues anymore, I do. I am still in front of a computer all day, still have stress and deadlines to meet like anyone, only now I know my body’s signals that some pain is coming and I can call Tia or Nancy and get in for an adjustment.  I have recommended Dr. Ammon to many of my friends who have received the same relief as I have.  :=)”

-D. M.

“I came to Dr. Ammon or help with my plantar fasciitis. As an athlete, I knew it was time for me to address my chronic foot pain. Dr. Ammon discussed my problem and we worked together to establish a recovery plan. Through Dr. Ammon’s therapy and my use of proper footwear, I’m happy to say that I’m 90% healed and ready to race this season. I would highly recommend Dr. Ammon to all of my friends, family, and co-workers. I couldn’t be happier with my results!”

-Clancy Statz

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Ammon for several years formaintenance of spinal stability and treatment to reduce low back pain.  He urged me to ask my doctor for an MRI a fewmonths back because of pain that developed in my hips and legs.  He recognized the problem immediately.  I had my MRI which led to surgery and removalof a very large bulging disc.  The pain Iwas experiencing was completely relieved. Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Ammon to my friends or anyonesuffering from back pain.”

-Claire La Scola

“A year or two ago I came to see Dr. Ammon at the advice of my yoga teacher.  I was having constant shoulder problems when I surf, swim, and sleep on my side, etc.  I went to physical therapy with no luck.  I went to an Orthopedic surgeon; he wanted to perform surgery on my rotator cuff that would take six months for recovery, no thanks!”

“After the first treatment by Dr. Ammon I felt the muscles in the area responding.  After a process of exercise, stretching, and most important Dr. Ammon’s treatment, my shoulder got stronger, more flexible and the pain is basically gone now.  I can surf for hours, sleep on my right side, throw a ball, exercise and I have other quality of life benefits.”

“I have recommended Dr. Ammon to my daughter and son.  Both have had benefits.  My daughter has lower back pain that no one could address.  Dr. Ammon understood the problem, started a treatment plan and had a very positive impact on reducing her back pain.”

“I have no problem recommending Dr. Ammon to anyone in pain!”

 -Louis DesPrez